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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

John Carter: Word of Mouth = Dough

Note: This was originally a response to an AICN article reviewing the Disney release, "John Carter". This article can be found HERE.

This movie is going to have legs. I was at the Hero Complex screening, and it was astounding. I'm just going to say it: it was LOTR good. Modern classic good. It never made my eyes roll like Avatar did, and it never played into irritating mega-blockbuster politics, like Avatar (insert end credits song here).

The marketing is head-scratchingly awful. If I had to guess, someone had it in for Stanton. Someone high up in Disney; perhaps someone new. The team is trying to make up for it now, as in no longer hiding what the movie is. But too little, too late. Any want-to-see is going to be from word-of-mouth (anyone not into movies would very confused from that sentence).

There is imagery, singular images in this movie, that have been etched into my mind in a way I haven't felt since, dammit, Jurassic Park. That's how good JOHN CARTER is. And yes, I did expect more from Giacchino; he proved what he could do with UP. Still, you'll see how the film does. Just watch.

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